Before 1967 the nearest Presbyterian Church to the Outer Banks was in Elizabeth City. More and more summer vacationers expressed a desire for a Presbyterian Church on the Outer Banks.

Albemarle Presbytery appointed a Task Force for the Outer Banks, and in 1967, decided to try an experiment. They chose John Kaufman, a graduate student of the Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, to meet the residents of the Outer Banks and lead worship services in a beach cottage.

The experiment was such a success that a small cottage, 24 x 32 foot, was erected on the site of the present church building. The Seminary graduate students were housed in the attic.

The Presbytery placed Spottswood Graves here in September 1978 to see if a church could be established in three years. One year later, on September 23, 1979, having 38 persons on a charter roll, the church became the Outer Banks Presbyterian Church with the Reverend Graves as the called pastor.

Between that time and 1985, OBPC endeavored to create more space using their current facility. However, in November 1986 a contract was signed with an architect to begin the creation of an entirely new facility. Erected right beside the original cottage, the new building was dedicated on January 1, 1989 with a membership of 125 people.

OPBC grew rapidly throughout the next decade, wholeheartedly reaching out to one another and the community. On July 27, 2003, the church bid farewell to the Reverend L. Spottswood Graves, the pastor who had served them for twenty-five years. The spiritual guidance of two interim ministers, first the Rev. Dr. Robert E. Fields and then the Rev. Ron McMenamin, led OBPC for the next two years while the church searched for a new pastor. The Rev. Dr. Andrew P. Martinez answered the Congregation’s call and was installed as pastor on March 6, 2005. Dr. Martinez served until May 31, 2011. 

The Rev. Dr. Joseph (Jody) Gilbert Moore was appointed Interim Pastor by the Session and the New Hope Presbytery effective September 14, 2011. On November 10, 2013, The Rev. Joseph (Jody) Gilbert Moore was installed at 5:00 pm as our Designated Pastor.

Since its early beginnings in 1968, the Outer Banks Presbyterian Church has transitioned to a functioning Presbyterian Church USA in the New Hope Presbytery. There are now over 200 active members and about many people who are “friends of the church” who attend regularly or seasonally and who contribute financially to the church. In addition to the full-time pastor, the church employs an Office Manager, a Music Director, a Director of Youth, Children and Family Ministries, a Nursery Caregiver, and Sextons.

Outer Banks Presbyterian Church’s mission is “calling all to the joy of being Jesus’s disciples in the 21st Century, worshiping, learning, and helping in His name.” With a focus on “faith, family, and friends,” the church offers meeting space for community groups, such as Lenten Services of the North Dare Ministerial Association, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous, OBX Mommy and Me, community choral groups, and stamp collectors. .

Join us as we strengthen our faith, love and support our family, and reach out to our friends.

Past and Present Ministers

  • The Rev. John Kaufman & Seminary Students (1967 – 1978)
  • The Rev. L. Spottswood Graves, Jr. (1978 – 2003)
  • The Rev. Dr. Robert Fields, Jr. (2003 – 2004)
  • The Rev. Ron McMenamin (2004 – 2005)
  • The Rev. Dr. Andrew P. Martinez (2005 – April 2011)
  • The Rev. Joseph “Jody” Gilbert Moore (September 2011 – Present)


  • Linda Albright Iverson
  • Suzanne Virginia Albright
  • Vera Berg
  • Ella Jane Buckingham
  • Ritchie Buckingham
  • Helen Bishop
  • Herbert E. Bishop
  • Donald R. Covington
  • Sandra J. Covington
  • Louise C. Hanson
  • Roberta H. Graves
  • Edward J. Genther
  • Helen Genther
  • E. Cureton Harris
  • Robert M. Hawekotte
  • Elizabeth G. Hawekotte
  • Lester A. Langley
  • Margaret W. Langley
  • Catherine D. Meekins
  • Paul Michael Nesbit
  • Marie M. Nesbit
  • James F. Perry
  • Barbara W. Perry
  • Gerald C. Pikaart
  • Margaret Pikaart
  • Elizabeth Schaub
  • Elmer W. Schomaker
  • A.D. Stover
  • Mary N. Torrey
  • John C. Wallace
  • Betty J. Wallace
  • John W. Walden
  • Linda Walden
  • Peter W. Walden
  • Jean Turner Ward
  • William R. “Jim” Ward
  • Victoria L. Ward
  • Michael L. Ward