April 01, 2020

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 March 20 Update:

This document, which constitutes an action of the Session taken by electronic vote, does not replace but supplements prior electronic actions of the Session, dated March 13, 2020--that is, Worship Services are suspended for two weeks, through March 22, 2020, and guidelines approved for interactions of members and friends and use of church facilities.  At that time, Session guidelines did not prevent Alcoholics Anonymous, Co-dependence Anonymous, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or the church youth group from using church facilities. The Session suspended the weekly Lenten worship services and luncheons, which are planned by the North Dare Ministerial Association, through March 25. However:

  1.  Effective on the date of Session’s approval, and in accordance with recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), all activities and uses of the church facilities shall be suspended for 15 calendar days thereafter, until or about April 5, 2020.  During this 15-day period, known as “the President’s 15-day Guidance for Curtailing the Spread of the Covid-19 Virus” and published by the CDC, there shall be no assemblies of people of any type (AA, CoDA, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, or any other tenants or church groups) allowed in the facility.  Members shall not use the church building for any gatherings and may not enter for any purpose. On the last cleaning day prior to these mandates going into effect, the church Sexton will thoroughly clean and disinfect the counter tops, tables, chairs, and other common surfaces in the church building.  The Sexton will continue to clean and disinfect during her regular cleaning schedule. Staff is encouraged to work from home and if they come into the building at the same time, they must keep six to 10 feet away from one another. 

  2. An exception to entry during this time will be Rev. Dr. Jody Moore, as well as someone to operate the camera, and the church music director (a total of three people) for the purpose of streaming sermons and a simplified worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.  Session hereby approves Rev. Dr. Moore to perform this function at the church, provided all surfaces touched shall be disinfected prior to departure and provided all three individuals remain 6 to 10 feet apart at all times. Employees shall work from home if possible, and there will be no lapse in compensation for the Pastor, the Office Manager, Music Director, the Director of Youth, Children, and Young Families Ministry, or the Sexton.  During this 15 day period, the church office manager may enter the office area of the church for the purpose of going by the Post Office to check for mail or other correspondence, processing same, and preparing and distributing checks to pay bills as necessary. When the Office Manager departs the facilities, she should disinfect any surface with which she came in contact. 

  3. Easter musicals are hereby cancelled. 

  4. Before the conclusion of these 15 days, the Task Force will re-evaluate local, statewide, and national circumstances regarding the Covid-19 virus, and make further recommendations to the Session for the next eight to 20 weeks, which could likely include allowing tenants to re-enter the facilities in accordance with their state or national organizational guidelines.

  5. All remaining Lenten Worship Services will be cancelled.  

  6. The Session meeting on March 31st is cancelled as part of the 15-day period.  Session will consider any needed business during this time during email and/or phone consultations with the possibility of a conference call or video conferencing. 

  7. Session hereby adopts a two-week “rolling” process of consideration and approval of further actions in regard to church facility usage and church activities. 

  8. As we seek to be of support to one another during this time of emergency, members may contact the church office or a coordinator if they are willing to bring food or supplies to the door of those members who cannot leave their homes. A coordinator will collect a list of those who are willing to help other church members who require assistance. Members who are in need of food or supplies should let us know of your need and we will try to find someone to help.  Elder Barbara Nock will serve as coordinator for this effort. Please email her at nocktwice@embarqmail.com" style="text-decoration-line: none;">nocktwice@embarqmail.com  or call her at 252-255-5979.  There is some limited financial support available for our church members during this time of crisis from the church’s Benevolence Fund—please contact  Rev. Dr. Moore directly if you need those funds. Members who pick up supplies for those in need may be reimbursed directly from the individual they are assisting or from the Church’s Benevolence Fund. 

  9. The church appreciates all those who continue to support the church with your prayers and with your contributions during this time.  If you want to give to the church, you may give on-line on the church’s website: www.outerbankspresbyterian.org (use the green “Give Now” button) or by mailing a check to the church at: Outer Banks Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 2199, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. The One Great Hour of Sharing offering will be postponed until the church returns to a normal schedule.

  10. During Holy Week (April 5-12, 2020) as long as the CDC recommendations allow for the practice, the Sanctuary will be open for individual prayer.  When praying in the Sanctuary, please remember to stay 6 to 10 feet away from any other person. If any members would like to pray with Rev. Dr. Moore or need his assistance during this time, they should contact him atrevjody.moore@gmail.com" style="text-decoration-line: none;">revjody.moore@gmail.com   or 252-715-2223. 

  11. For the next few weeks, Dr. Moore will prepare devotionals that will include messages, Bible readings, and special thoughts that will be emailed to all members.  Dr. Moore or the church office will further send announcements of interest to the members and friends of the church at the time of those emails.

  12. The church sign in front of the church at Highway 158 shall indicate that church activities and services are suspended “until further notice.”

March 13 Update:

As a result of concerns voiced by several members of the Congregation and recommendations from the Presbytery of New Hope regarding the Coronavirus (Covid – 19 Virus) and the current flu season, Dr. Moore created a task force to develop preparedness steps our church could take. The task force, composed of Nonie Booth, Judy Whittle, Gary McGee, and Rev. Dr. Moore, met on March 10, 2020 and presents the following recommendations, which are consistent with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the State of Emergency declared in North Carolina by Governor Roy Cooper, and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

Here are some steps we can take immediately.  The task force will re-evaluate recommendations as conditions change.

  • Members and friends who are sick are encouraged to stay home and stay away from others, seeking medical care if needed.  Everyone is encouraged when they cough to cover coughs, use a disposable tissue or cough into elbows and not into hands. People are also encouraged not to touch face, eyes, mouth, or nose.  All of us are encouraged to wash hands often with soap and water, turn off the faucet with paper towels, and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers if hand washing is not available.

  • Members, friends, and others who are sick are encouraged to watch Worship Services online as our Services are now live-streamed

  • We are discouraging physical contact like handshakes or hugs at any time at church and are encouraging waves, peace signs, or hand over heart.  Dr. Moore will announce this from the Pulpit.

  • Friendship pads will be removed from the Sanctuary and replaced by friendship cards, which visitors will be asked to complete and place in collection plates.  Members and regular attendees will not need to complete cards.

  • Offering plates will be placed at Sanctuary exit doors for deposit of gifts and friendship cards.  The ushers will be asked to staff each collection plate. The Elder of the Month will extend the invitation to give, advise of this collection process, and give the Prayer of Dedication. Persons unable to attend Worship Services may make Pledge payments or make financial gifts online at the church’s website or mail checks to the church office.

  • The serving of Communion will be modified, but the task force will re-evaluate the circumstance after several weeks.  There will be no Communion Service on Palm Sunday and Communion will be served at the Maundy Thursday worship service.  Dr. Moore will be the only person to use a Chalice. Worshipers will in the meantime be served juice from small disposable cups.  Bread will be pre-cut and served on pewter plates to be purchased.

  • There will be coffee and lemonade only served after worship services.  No food will be served. It is requested that pre-made lemonade in containers be purchased at grocery stores.

  • Lenten lunches will proceed. After Lent, the church will discourage service of food at the church.

  • Dr. Moore will limit his visitations to rest homes, retirement centers, and the like.  He will not visit persons who are sick at home. Instead, he will make phone calls, and visit only in the direst of circumstances.  In-home Communion service will be suspended immediately.

  • As far as it is practical and possible, church committees and the Session will be encouraged to utilize electronic or telephonic meetings.

  • Hand sanitizer bottles will be placed throughout the church.  Use them.

  • The Sexton will be directed to use Clorox wipes or equivalent on surfaces and door handles at each cleaning.




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