December 13, 2019

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Sermons for December 2019
Reverend Jody Moore

December 8: (2 nd Sunday of Advent) Matthew 3:1-12. Advent is a time for
preparation for the coming of Christ. John the Baptist, who was the forerunner of
Jesus, speaks prophetic words about repentance. This Advent, John’s words command
us to turn away from our sin, rededicate our lives to God, and commit to serving Christ.
We will light the candle of Peace on the Advent Wreath.

December 15: (3 rd Sunday of Advent) Zechariah 8:9-13, 9:9-10. The prophet
anticipates the coming of the Messiah, which will be a time when the Lord will establish
justice and peace among the nations. Zechariah anticipates a humble Messiah who will
come riding a donkey instead of a more impressive animal. In Jesus, we find that the
King of Kings and Lord of Lords came willing to sacrifice and to serve others. We will
light the candle of Joy on the Advent Wreath.

December 22: (4 th Sunday of Advent) Matthew 1:18-25. An angel announces to
Joseph that Mary will bear a son named Jesus, who will save the people from their sins.
Joseph has faith in God and follows the angel’s instructions. We celebrate the
wonderful, amazing gift of Christmas of Emmanuel, God with us! We will light the
candle of Love on the Advent Wreath.

December 24: (Christmas Eve) Luke 2:1-20. We will hear the Christmas story,
which tells of Jesus being born in Bethlehem. The shepherds come to offer their praises
to the Christ child. We will proclaim once again that God is with us because in Jesus
Christ, God’s Son took on human flesh and dwelt among us. We will participate in
singing the great carols of the faith and in a candlelight service.



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