October 17, 2017

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Sermons for October 2017

Outer Banks Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Dr. Jody Moore


October 1: Genesis 12:1-9. God calls Abram to leave his home at the age of seventy-five to move to a new land that God will show him.  The Lord promises to bless Abram and give him a land and a people.  Abram struggled to follow God’s promises, but he ultimately trusted God.  Following my trip to Israel, we will explore the role of the Promised Land in God’s plans for the spiritual descendants of Abram. 


October 8: 1st Peter 2:2-10.   One of the key theological developments of the Reformation was the concept of the priesthood of all believers.  Before the Reformation, ordinary Christians believed they needed a priest as a go-between when they wanted to speak with God. The Reformers affirmed that each one of us has the ability and opportunity to pray to God ourselves and to read the Bible on our own.  1st Peter 2 describes our identity in Christ and its implications for our relationship with God when it states, “You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and God’s own people.”


October 15: 2nd Chronicles 20:5-12.  One of the key theological beliefs of the Reformed tradition is in the Sovereignty of God, which affirms that God has a plan for the salvation of all humanity, for our individual lives, and that God is in control of the universe and ultimately will redeem all that is broken. In 2nd Chronicles, King Jehoshaphat acknowledges his faith in God’s sovereignty. 


October 22: 3rd John 1-8, 11-15.  John writes to his friend Gaius and speaks about the joy shared among brothers and sisters in Christ, working together for the sake of God’s kingdom.  John speaks of the importance and value of supporting God’s ongoing work with our time and our financial gifts.  On this Consecration Sunday, the congregation is invited to bring their 2018 pledges forward, dedicating their gifts to the service of almighty God.


October 29: Romans 1:16-17, 3:22-28.  The apostle Paul writes that we are “justified by faith” which means that we are set right before God, not through our good deeds, but simply by trusting in Christ’s mercy and forgiveness.  “Justification by faith” was one of the key theological insights of the Reformation.  We will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation in worship! 






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Sat., October 14
7 pm
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