August 17, 2018

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Outer Banks Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Dr. Jody Moore

Sermon Series on the Early Days of Israel’s Rule by Kings:

July 1-July 22, 2018

When they were led by judges, the Israelites looked at their neighboring countries
that were ruled by kings and they wanted a king for themselves. God warned the
prophet Samuel and the people of Israel that having a king would lead to negative
consequences, but the Israelites were undeterred and God relented to their demands.
After a troubled reign by Saul, David becomes king, followed by Solomon. We will
explore the ups and downs of Israel’s early days being ruled by kings.

July 1: 1 st Samuel 17:38-49. David is just a young teenager when he goes into battle
with Goliath, the champion of the Philistines. David does not appear to stand a chance,
but God is with him and delivers David and the Israelites. This passage offers
encouragement whenever we face seemingly impossible odds or difficult circumstances.

July 8: 2 nd Samuel 6:12b-19. The Ark of the Covenant, which carried the 10
Commandments, was one of the most important religious symbols to the Jewish people.
It had been captured by the Philistines in battle, but the Israelites get it back. Now David
and the Israelites celebrate as the ark returns to Jerusalem. David and many of the Jews
are filled with dancing and joy, while some feel pain and sorrow. This passage
illustrates how under the same circumstances, people can have widely different
experiences. How can God’s grace uplift us, no matter what we are facing?

July 15: 2 nd Samuel 11 and 12. Despite all of his accomplishments and potential,
David gives into temptation. David’s darkest chapter includes his seduction of
Bathsheba and the killing of Bathsheba’s husband Uriah as part of a cover-up. The
prophet Nathan inspires us because of his willingness to speak truth to power. We will
explore how God is at work even in such a messy, horrible situation.

July 22: 1 st Kings 3:3-14. Solomon is beginning his rule over the nation of Israel and
prays to God for assistance. Solomon asks God to give him wisdom. We discover in
Solomon’s prayer that it pleases God when those who are making decisions seek God’s
guidance. What does it look like for us to exercise wisdom? What kind of wisdom does
God offer to us?

July 29: Mark 4:1-20. Jesus often taught his disciples using parables, examples from
everyday life that illustrated the nature of the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ parables tease
our imagination. When Jesus teaches about a sower who scatters seed his disciples are
confused, so Jesus explains the meaning of the parable. Jesus invites us to minister
faithfully, planting seeds that God can help blossom and grow.

August 5: John 10:1-15. Jesus, who is the Good Shepherd, came that we might have
life, and have it abundantly. The Good News of the Gospel is that we have hope in the

new life and salvation that God offers. What does it look like for us to experience God’s
abundant grace?

August 12: Colossians 3:12-17. Colossians shares with us the fruits of the Spirit,
those qualities such as compassion, kindness, humility, and patience. We will show the
world that we are Christians by our love if we clothe ourselves with these fruits of the

August 19: Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18. In the Old Testament, there are over 600
commandments for God’s people to follow. In the New Testament, Jesus summarizes
all of those commandments in the two Great Commandments. The original instructions
for us to love our neighbors as ourselves are found in Leviticus. This text goes on to
describe the compassion and kindness that we should display as God’s people.

August 26: Mark 8:27-38. Jesus asks his disciples who they say that he is. Peter
makes the bold assertion that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus asks each one of us to answer
the same question, “Who do we say that Jesus is?” In this passage, Jesus also teaches
his disciples that he must take the difficult path that will involve suffering and death.
Jesus calls us, as his followers, to deny ourselves and take up our cross as well.








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